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ABC Defensive Driving School Defensive Driving Classes

ABC Defensive Driving School defensive driving classes

Defensive Driving classes in Phoenix and surrounding valley

To register for onsite location, complete the form on the right This is not for online sign ups  or call 480-777-5353.

What You Need

  • A Driver's License or government issued ID. 

  • ​Your money order or cashier's check made out to "ABC Schools" in the correct amount. Mastercard and Visa credit or debit cards are accepted prior to your classroom date.

  • Your citation or a copy. 

  • ​Your court extension if applicable. 

  • Your court order from the judge if applicable. 


You are Eligible if: 

  • You do not hold a commercial driver’s license (this applies even if you were not driving a commercial vehicle).

  • You were cited for a civil traffic moving violation that did not involve a serious injury or fatality

  • You must complete this course at least 7 days before your court date.​​


* You may only attend class for one violation per year.
* If you have already paid a fine and have a received a letter from the MVD, you may need to go to Traffic Survival School not Defensive Driving.
* If you have a Class G Driver’s License, Arizona law requires you to complete Traffic Survival School upon receipt of your first conviction.

Refund Policy:

a. Once a person begins a defensive driving course, classroom or ADM, the state fee, court diversion fee and state surcharge are non-refundable except as set forth in this subsection. An ADM school shall not refund the state fee or state surcharge for any student failing the required test but shall forward the state fee and state surcharge to the supreme court. A school may refund other registration fees pursuant to its own guidelines, or at the direction of a court. A school shall provide a student with its refund policy prior to accepting the fees from the student.

b. A school shall provide a refund of court diversion, state fees and the state surcharge when: (1)A student pre-pays for a defensive driving course, does not begin the course and does not contact the school to reschedule for a future course. The school shall refund the court diversion fee, state fee and state surcharge 30 days after the scheduled defensive driving course date or upon notification from the student the student will not attend a course, whichever is first;
(2)An officer fails to file a citation with a court and the cited person attends a defensive driving course for that citation. Upon notification by the jurisdictional court, the school shall notify division staff a refund is requested. Upon written approval by division staff, the school shall refund the court diversion, state fee and state surcharge to the student; or (3)A citation is dismissed by a jurisdictional court on its own motion, for technical problems not correctable under civil traffic rules of court.
c. Refund of the court diversion fee, state fee or the state surcharge shall result in restoration of the student’s eligibility for a defensive driving course

d. School fees are non-refundable once a student has checked in on the day of the scheduled class. Schools fees are refundable by request prior to checking in on the day of the scheduled class.