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If you need more information about Arizona's defensive driving diversion program, please visit or call, toll-free, (888) 334-5565 

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About Us

Why Choose ABC?

ABC Defensive Driving School offers state approved in person 4.5 hour classes with convenient schedules.  

ABC Defensive Driving is dedicated to providing a superior, Arizona Supreme Court approved  Defensive Driving program designed to ensure a safer, more knowledgeable Arizona driving experience. 

Our mission is to educate Arizona drivers to state traffic laws, their responsibilities as drivers, and to provide proven defensive driving techniques to reduce accidents and traffic violations. We proudly serve all courts throughout the state. 

Our affiliates also offer online and bilingual courses. Our online course offers closed captioning to support deaf or hard of hearing students. 

Avoid going to court, paying your ticket, assessing points on your license, and increasing your insurance. Our classes are entertaining and engaging while teaching you vital, safe driving principles, and current traffic laws of Arizona. Learn to anticipate situations and make safe well-informed decisions based on road and environmental conditions present. 

We're here to help. Call us today to answer any questions you have!

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