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In Arizona, you may be eligible for this discount if:

Drivers are between the ages of 16 - 25  and 50+ can expect to save around 15 percent 

Q: What’s the result if I take the defensive driving course?
A: Education and updated information to help you drive defensively and safely

  • + 5 driving points for MVD directed and volunteer students
  • Court directed students get a reduction or dismissal of the ticket (If you have a citation)
  • Potential auto insurance discounts may be awarded
  • Reinstatement of your driving privileges

Q: How much does the volunteer defensive driving course cost?
A: The cost of each volunteer defensive driving course is $34 (the best rate in town)

Whether it be for Taxi Cab driving, Volunteer work, speeding tickets, insurance certificate or any other reason, ABC Defensive Driving School can give you certification of a completed course after course completion.  You will not find better defensive driving classes anywhere in Arizona.

Most Taxi Companies are requiring a State MVD certified Defensive Driving Course for their employees.  ABC Defensive Driving School can provide this required certification.

Please see the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles website for more information on the Defensive Driving Course.

Are you a driver under the influence of sleep deprivation?  Did you know that you could get a citation for this?

 Did you know distractions are the 4th highest cause for accidents?

1.        Texting while driving

2.        Talking on cell phone

3.        Multitasking

4.        Playing with radio

5.        Eating-drinking

6.        Attending to children in the back seat

Learn safety and conduct on the road.

You will thank yourself in this informative refresher course.

 Volunteer and Taxi Companies

ABC Defensive Driving Course is an Arizona State Department of Motor Vehicles authorized course providing knowledge and techniques for the safe operation of a motor vehicle.  Drivers may complete the Defensive Driving Course to reduce or eliminate points on their license. Check with your insurance company for a reduced car insurance rate after taking the course.