In-Person Class for Ticket Dismissal

  • State Surcharge Fee: $45

  • Supreme Court Fee: $24

  • ABC Course Fee: $60

  • Court Diversion Fee: (Varies by court)

To view your total fees, please scroll to find the court on the right. 


Online Class for Ticket Dismissal

You must register at least 10 days prior to your court date and must be completed 7 day prior your court date.

  • State Surcharge Fee: $45.00

  • Supreme Court Fee: $24.00

  • Court Diversion Fee: (Varies by court)​​

  • Gototrafficschool Course Fee: $39.95

  • Identity Verification Fee: 

    • Option 1) Experian, $14.95

    • Option 2) Notarized Statement of Assurance (fees determined by notary)

Voluntary Class

In Person or Virtual (Zoom): $60

This course is not for those who need ticket dismissal. 

Drivers may take the course on a "volunteer basis" as new residents of Arizona, newly licensed drivers, or as a refresher for existing drivers. In some instances, insurance companies may offer discounts for drivers who opt to take a volunteer defensive driving course. We also hold courses for companies to train employees of the rules and regulations in Arizona and reduce insurance costs.

Payment Information & Refund Policy

Please read below regarding our refund policy

We apologize for any inconvenience but we do not accept credit/debit cards for in-person classes. Payment is due on the day of class. Acceptable forms of payments: 

  • Money order/Cashier's Check

  • Cash in exact change

  • Venmo

  • Zelle

Completion of ABC's defensive driving class does not mean automatic dismissal of your ticket. Please check eligibility. If court records reveal that you are not eligible or do not comply to requirements, you will forfeit your class fees and the matter of your ticket will be set for a hearing. 

1. Refund of the court diversion fee, state fee or the state surcharge shall result in restoration of the student’s eligibility for a defensive driving course.

2. ABC's class fees are non-refundable once a student has checked in on the day of the scheduled class.