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Personalized Approach

ABC Defensive Driving is dedicated to providing a superior, Arizona Supreme Court approved  Defensive Driving program designed to ensure a safer, more knowledgeable Arizona driving experience. 

Receiving a traffic ticket can make a day terrible, but our program is to make it an easy process as quick as possible to attend driving school. Prevent points on your driving record and insurance rate increases due to a citation.  


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Excellence and Professionalism 

Our mission is to educate Arizona drivers to state traffic laws, their responsibilities as drivers, and to provide proven defensive driving techniques to reduce accidents and traffic violations. We proudly serve all courts throughout the state. 

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Online or In-Person Classes

Online classes available in both English and Spanish languages. For online class, you will need to register at least 10 days prior to your court date and be completed at least 7 days prior your court date. There is a short exam online.

Attending a classroom requires NO EXAM  Click on REGISTER NOW.